Canada’s Cheapest Travel Insurance Agencies

You may have pondered how to navigate your way through Canada using an insured travel agency. Your wishes have been granted as I will take you through some of Canada’s cheapest travel insurance agencies.

Any security policy that protects your investment in a journey is referred to as travel insurance. Travel insurance agencies are responsible for issuing travel insurance to passengers. Depending on the client’s needs, they can also plan and structure out an entire travel trip package; this plan will also cover emergencies such as flight cancellation, lost luggage, accident, and medical emergencies. 

In this article, I have made a detailed list of the cheapest travel insurance agencies in Canada, but before then, let’s look at why you need travel insurance. 

Why You Need A Travel Insurance In Canada

To minimize the risks associated with traveling and relieve some of the burdens that may occur due to unexpected happenings off your shoulders, you need to get travel insurance.

Trips Delays Or Interruptions

It was recorded that nearly 20% of flights were delayed in 2015, and there were more than 53,000 cancellations. Issues such as a stolen passport, Flight delays, traffic accidents, and natural disasters could cause unexpected delays. A travel insurance plan can cover you in these situations so that you can focus on taking care of your needs and not worry so much about what the delays or interruptions may cause.

Medical Emergency

No one anticipates fluctuations in health, but to avoid it from disrupting your travel plans, then there is comprehensive travel insurance that could help you out. Travel insurance may cover your medical expenses, including an ambulance ride, if you sustain injuries during your trip.

Lost, Stolen, Or Delayed Baggage

When your bags and luggage are lost, stolen, and damaged. Comprehensive travel insurance, which will include baggage delay coverage, can pay you back for the purchase of necessary items while your bags are delayed.

Adverse Weather, Climate, And Natural Disaster

The weather is something you really have no control over, and it could lead to travel delays or cause you to cancel your trip altogether. Hurricanes and snowstorms could affect trip plans. Travel insurance can cover you if adverse weather or natural disaster affects flight or movement.

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How Much Is The Average Cost Of Travel Insurance In Canada

While travel insurance costs vary from company to company in Canada, the average cost is always between 4 to 12% of your total trip cost. Travel insurance costs depend on the length of your trips, the destination, the desired coverage, and your age.

A basic plan for a 25-year-old single traveler could be as little as $25 for a week, while a comprehensive plan could cost the same traveler $115

Top Ten Cheapest Travel Agencies In Canada

Manulife Coverme Travel Insurance

Manulife is Canada’s leading insurance provider. They provide financial advice, insurance, and wealth and asset management solutions for individuals.

Manulife coverme travel insurance plans are flexible, offering various levels of coverage. All-inclusive plans cover most major travel risks, including emergency medical care, cancellations, and lost luggage.

They have offers for visitors, students, and Canadians traveling domestically and abroad. They also help save money if you are traveling within Canada.

Alianz Travel Insurance

Allianz travel insurance is one of Canada’s largest travel insurance providers. They have a strong international network and thus have a global advantage in helping travelers overcome language and cultural barriers.

They offer multiple coverage plans to cater to any travel plan. The coverage per travel package extends to cover medical interventions, car rental protection, and travel interruptions.

They have free coverage for dependent children under 17 years. Examples of the plans include One Trip Prime Plan, All trips Executive plan, One Trip Basic Plan, One Trip Rental Car Protector, and All Trip Premium Plan. They have a starting price of 25$ for a single trip.

21st Century Travel Insurance

With over 40 years in the travel industry and over 3500 active partners across Canada, 21st-century travel plans for visitors to Canada are divided into three levels: Enhanced, Standard, and Basic Plan. Each of these plans features varying coverage for emergency medical intervention.

Coverage Option goes as high as $200,000. They also offer flexible payments to customers, which can be split into monthly payments.

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 Ama Travel Insurance

The Alberta Medical Association travel insurance, also known as AMA travel insurance, is a trusted travel brand that is part of the Canadian Automobile Association.

Their plan offers great customization and flexibility for a wide range of travel needs. It offers emergency medical coverage of up to five million dollars, and it has no restrictions to the age limit on some plans.

However, the AMA travel insurance prioritized Alberta residents, and it has no insurance for extreme sports activities.

 BCCA Travel Insurance

The British Columbia Automobile Association is a part of the Canadian Automobile Association. It is a trusted travel insurance brand as traveling plans start at just 20 dollars per trip.

It has a Budget-friendly travel insurance plan, and it has no restrictions for age limits in applying for travel insurance. It allows the purchase of an extra $200,000 in optional coverage in an unstable pre-existing medical condition. However, BCAA requires medical questionnaires and examinations if you are up to 60 years of age.

Desjardins Travel Insurance

The Desjardins Group is Canada’s largest cooperative financial institution, with more than 7.5 million members in Quebec and Ontario. It is a trusted insurance brand with over 30 years of existence.

It provides a three-day complimentary coverage for members who register under their platform. It also has an easily accessible website for online applications and inquiries. It has the Single Trip Insurance Plan and Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, and it has good customer service.

To enjoy Desjardin travel insurance Plan much better, you need to be registered on their platform as a member.

BMO Travel Insurance 

The Bank of Montreal is one of Canada’s leading banking and financial services institutions. They are a trusted Insurance brand and come with 24/7 travel assistance. They offer quality insurance at a competitive price and also offer single trip and annual plan insurance. It has detailed information on the different plans and coverage available.

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Unfortunately, they do not allow customers to buy coverage at any of their physical branches. Customers can only buy coverage online; they also do not cover medical expenses related to covid19, especially if there is a travel advisory for your destinations during the dates you are traveling.

Johnson Medoc Insurance

Johnson Medoc insurance agency has been operating for more than 130 years. They offer travel insurance for Canadians heading worldwide. Their travel insurance is unique as a simplified annual plan that provides coverage for unlimited trips, medical and dental emergencies, vehicle returns, and pet returns.

They have a clear motive for an annual travel insurance plan, and it is not convenient for travelers who prefer short, single trip travel coverage.

CIBC Travel Insurance

CIBC(Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company. Protect yourself and your family when you travel outside your province or abroad by choosing one of CIBC’s travel insurance plans.

They allow for up to ten million dollars in emergency medical coverage. They have 24/7 telephone travel assistance wherever you are. They also have the CIBC Travel Medical Insurance Plan, CIBC Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Enhanced Plan, and the CIBC comprehensive travel insurance plan. However, there is no special coverage for snowboards or students.

CAA Travel Insurance

The Canadian Automobile Association is a trusted travel brand. They offer a wide selection of plans that provide coverage to suit your needs. Membership with CAA gives a 10% discount on travel insurance packages. It also offers easy access to apply for coverage or lay a claim online.

It has extensive medical coverage with 24/7 customer service. However, they only offer special discounts to registered members online.


If you’re looking for a travel insurance agency, be sure to check out the ones highlighted above. They offer affordable coverage that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been robbed.You are at great liberty to contact any of them if you need the services of a travel insurance company for your travels in, around or out of Canada. 


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