Vacancy: Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys Needed

Attorneys are needed almost everywhere, especially in places that involve lives and properties. Cruise ships are one of those places where the services of lawyers are very much needed from time to time. The reason for this is that ships can be dangerous places to work, and maritime employees are prone to several risks.


Since the employees are exposed to a variety of risks, the services of an attorney are considered extremely important. Most of the risks faced by these employees are on-the-job injuries. In some cases, accidents on cruise ships may result in deaths, which will also require the intervention of a lawyer.


However, there is more to the services that a maritime lawyer has to offer than just intervening in maritime injuries and deaths. In case you are wondering what your job is as a cruise ship lawyer, I will tell you everything you need to know in the next paragraph. Please do well to retain vital information.


When is a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer needed?


As I mentioned earlier, attorneys are needed everywhere, especially in places involving lives and properties. However, their services are only needed in specified instances and not all the time. So when are the services of a lawyer needed on a cruise ship? Let’s go ahead and find out.


Firstly, maritime and cruise ship workers are exposed to a lot of risks while they work. In the case that any of these risks bring about an injury or the death of a maritime worker, there must be some form of compensation and care for these workers or their families. Laws usually govern this compensation.

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However, a cruise ship worker is only liable for this compensation or care if the maritime vessel was mishandled or basic safety measures were not practiced and brought about the incident. When there is a need for compensation, the services of a cruise ship lawyer are needed.


Cruise Ship Injury Attorney Jobs In Miami


If you have what it takes and are interested in taking up some cruise ship attorney jobs in Miami, this article is for you. Here, I will list out some jobs available for you as a maritime lawyer. However, the basic requirement is that you are qualified and experienced for the position.


Executive Legal Assistant

Miami, FL, USA

Employer: An Established Defense Firm

Salary: $75,000


At the moment, an established defense firm is hiring an executive legal assistant in Miami. However, if you are interested in taking up this position, you must qualify as an advanced Legal Assistant or Legal Secretary. If you do, you can go ahead and apply.


Your duty as an executive legal assistant will be to support a busy litigation partner within the firm. You must manage their calendar, schedule meetings, mediations, and hearings, and perform dictation. Training is usually provided at the inception. 


Associate Attorney

Miami, FL, USA

Employer: Sioli & Associates PLLC

Salary: $60,000


If you are a maritime attorney with an average of two years of experience, then this job position was created for you. Sioli is also hiring lawyers with over five years of experience for its busy and growing insurance defense team. You should apply based on your qualifications.


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However, you must have great research, writing, and analytical skills to work as an associate attorney at Sioli & Associates. To get employed in its insurance defense team, you must have experience handling a caseload and also be responsible from inception to trial. The firm specializes in Admiralty/Maritime law, Insurance Defense, and Workers’ Compensation. 


Associate Attorney

Miami, FL, USA

Employer: Kubicki Draper

Salary: $70,000


Founded in 1963, Kubicki Draper is a full-service law firm offering a wide range of law services in the United States. Kubicki Draper currently boasts over 200 attorneys and 22 offices across the country, serving clients in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.


If you are looking forward to a fast track to career growth and development, you should consider applying for the Associate Attorney position at Kubicki Draper. However, there are some criteria you have to meet before you are considered eligible to apply for the position.


Associate Counsel

Miami, FL, USA

Employer: CMA CGM Group

Salary: $57,000


Your work as an Associate Counsel at CMA CGM is very simple and well outlined. Firstly, you have to provide support on all legal matters, including negotiations, corporate contracts, admiralty law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and general litigation matters.


Your main focus with the position will be in the Caribbean region. In addition, you will be required to respond to general legal inquiries from various internal departments of the company. You will also have to do research and draft legal memoranda for the General Counsel.


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Associate Attorney

Miami, FL, USA

Employer: Manning Gross Massenburg LLP

Salary: $60,000


Manning Gross Massenburg LLP, also known as MG+M, is one of the most popular law firms in the United States. The firm is focused on the handling of complex civil matters, including maritime law cases. Other expertise includes toxic tort matters, general liability, commercial litigation, etc.


Your job as an Associate Attorney here is to provide support to the general counsel in its maritime and cruise ship cases. The firm makes a constant effort to protect the interests of clients in numerous jurisdictions across the country. The firm vis its policies, honors, supports and promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Conclusion: Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys Needed

Just in case you haven’t heard somewhere else, Maritime lawyers are paid an average of $52,000 every year. Although they are not among the highest-paid professions in the country, the pay scale is fair enough for a job that does not require all your time. 


However, you should make it a priority that you meet the requirements before you apply for any maritime law job mentioned on this list. If you are able to apply, you will definitely be kicked out if it is discovered that you do not have the required credentials for the job.

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