How to Become a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

Seamen, dockers, and other maritime workers are at risk of sustaining injuries because of the kind of work they do. Working on a cruise ship can be very risky; therefore, some guidelines are already put in place to ensure the smooth operation of the cruise line.

However, these accidents are still bound to happen and might bring about loss of lives and properties. In such cases, compensation and care are usually required for the victims or their families. If it is just an injury, there will be compensation for the victim till they get better.

On the other hand, a cruise ship accident involving death will require special handling. Since the victim will be unable to receive compensation, their family will be eligible to take it in their place. However, there are some conditions attached to the whole process.

If you work as a maritime officer and get injured during an operation, there is a special process to go about your compensation. This is where a cruise ship attorney comes in. These accidents are unpredictable, and the only way to get compensated is by hiring an attorney.


Who is a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?

A Cruise Ship Attorney, also referred to as a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer, is a professional that specializes in maritime law and injuries resulting from cruise ship accidents. Of course, cruises are for relaxation, but some unfortunate events are bound to happen.

There are several laws applying to different kinds of injuries. For example, an injury sustained while working in a firm will require a special kind of attorney to help you get compensation. Likewise, injuries sustained on cruises will require a cruise ship attorney to help get compensation. 

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The laws applying to cruises are known as Maritime Laws and are not recommended for an average personal injury attorney. You need a qualified and experienced cruise ship attorney to help with cruise ship injury cases and compensations. 

It is the job of a cruise ship attorney to investigate the cause of a cruise ship accident and fight for the rights of their clients. Some cruise ship attorneys focus on only crew member injuries, while others focus on crew and passenger injuries.


How do I become a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney?

As I mentioned earlier, cruise ship-related injuries are guided by special laws known as maritime laws. Therefore, before you can be able to mediate for clients involved in such cases, you must be familiar with and experienced in this law.

Several law firms in the United States are currently recruiting law personnel who are not so experienced in maritime law. You can apply and garner some experience in this complex law before you confidently call yourself a cruise ship attorney.


How is a Cruise Injury Claim filed?

To receive compensation after you or a family member gets injured in a cruise ship accident, you need to file a personal injury claim against the cruise line. However, you can only do this with the help of a cruise ship injury lawyer. Let’s find out how the case proceeds.

Firstly, the injured or family of the injured reports the case to a cruise ship injury lawyer. After obtaining the necessary data, the cruise ship lawyer reviews the details of the case and finds out the state, local or international laws that apply to it. This will be important in filing an injury claim.

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The lawyer will also consider the distance offshore when the negligence occurred and many other factors to finally arrive at a conclusion. A personal injury claim against a cruise line can not be filed if these data are not known.

After considering all these, the cruise ship attorney reviews medical records, expenses, and every other documentation related to the case to determine the next step forward. Medical records are the most important parameters.

Also, the record will create a full accounting of the losses, expenses, and long-term medical consequences of the illness or injury. Some injuries might require constant and extended medical attention and require more compensation.

After that, the cruise ship injury lawyer may decide to draw up a demand letter or begin negotiations with the cruise line. However, negotiations can only begin when the injured person reaches “Maximum Medical Improvement.” 

Also, the long-term impact and consequence of the injury must be determined, at least to an extent, before these negotiations can begin. This is different from filing a claim but still part of the process.

A settlement has to be reached between both parties. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, it is time to move on to the next step. As an attorney, you may move to litigation and file a personal injury lawsuit against the cruise line in question. This will mark the beginning of a discovery phase.

You may make advances to reach a settlement even during this process. However, to do this, both parties have to order or request mediation. This is a better way to settle the case out of court and is more beneficial to the cruise line.

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Of course, not all medications will result in settlement. The medication is bound to fail, and if it does, you should proceed to the next stage. As an attorney, you have to schedule the case for trial so a judge will be on seat to hear the evidence and also make decisions.

The judge will make these decisions according to the applicable laws regarding compensation for the victim(s). If you are not satisfied with the decision of the court, you can write an appeal for the case to be reviewed by another judge, with the hope of getting a new and better verdict. 


Wrapping Up: Your Pathway to Becoming a Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

In case you haven’t heard this somewhere else, you can make quite a lot for yourself as a cruise ship attorney. In fact, cruise ship injury lawyers make an average of $50,000 annually. Aren’t you pumped up already? Come on this is where you should be.

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